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*5 Pieces* Scrub Sponges- Non-Scratch Microfiber Sponge

*5 Pieces* Scrub Sponges- Non-Scratch Microfiber Sponge

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Designed for washing dishes and cleaning various surfaces without causing scratches or damage. These sponges are typically made with a soft microfiber side and a scrubbing side to provide a gentle but effective cleaning experience.

Material: Non-scratch microfiber scrub sponges made of a combination of microfiber cloth and a non-abrasive scrubbing surface. The microfiber side is soft and non-abrasive, while the scrubbing side has a textured surface that can help remove stuck-on food and grime without scratching surfaces.

Usage: These sponges are suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks, including washing dishes, countertops, appliances, glass, and other surfaces. They are designed to be gentle on delicate items like non-stick cookware, glassware, and porcelain.

Care: To extend the life the non-scratch microfiber scrub sponge, rinse it thoroughly after each use and allow it to air dry. You can also sanitize it by placing it in the dishwasher or microwave for a short time

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