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Cat Self Groomer - Cat Brushes

Cat Self Groomer - Cat Brushes

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Soft Cat Self Groomer 
Cat Self Groomer is made of PE material, designed according to the living habits of cats, it provides the pleasure of scratching for cats. The PE material is soft and meticulous. The brush removes loose and fallen cat hair while brushing.

Easy to Clean
The brush can be easily removed, cleaned, and installed. The wavy design at the bottom allows the product to be pinned under the door.

Easy to Use
According to the level height of the cat, install on the corner of the furniture that the cat can touch. This self groomer is cat favorite toy. It can comb its hair while enjoying massage and scratching.


Groom your cat with ease! The Cat Self Groomer and Cat Brushes make grooming a cinch. Let your pet pamper itself with the gentle cleaning action of these brushes that remove dander, dirt, and excess fur. Pamper your cat with the best!

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